Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Farewell, Roland

Hi(gh) heels,

Long time no blog - we've mostly been writing some new tracks, moving house(s), and getting a new line-up sorted. Yep, sadly Roland the drum machine passed away in a freak accident while on his way to collect his Christmas tree. To cut a long story short, he tripped up on some smarties scattered in the street which sent him colliding into a drum shop, where he was mistook for dodgy stock and promptly thrown into their recycling chute where he was crushed and compressed into scrap metal. It's thought that he'll resurface as a kettle*. It's a shame because he really did want that Christmas tree. Anyway, we've now got a human on drums; his name is Al and he loves smarties....

In other news, we've just done a session and interview with Shoreditch Radio, a new online station which will be live very soon. We'll keep you posted on when you'll be able to listen to us on the show.

With a lack of photo evidence of any of the above (a picture of a kettle would be slightly insensitive to Roland, may he rest in peace) we thought we'd share some silly phone app pictures we lovingly made - always a good way to pass the time on the tube...



Lucy as art. See how intently they stare.

Ah, yes, the time when Giselle wore nothing but polaroids of DYH. This made the front page of the Brazilian Weekly but sadly the British tabloids were too busy reporting about the twitter argument that Alan Sugar had with Kirstie Allsopp. It's not the first time Sugar's rained on our parade but we won't go into that**

DYH stamps. We can't think of a story for this one.

Nice one TFL

Dya take ss...sug.. no, it's too painful to mention the S word again

* Err yeah... that was clearly a lie... We just got bored of him
**Ok fine. If you must know, he turned down Roland at the last minute for junior Apprentice. Apparently there was an age dispute concerning Roland's date of manufacture and date of sale. Potato/Pot-arto Sugar, he was young enough at the time of entering, and you shattered his dream

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Stuff we've been doing of late...

Watching the football at pubs with funny urinals

Drawing faces on our hands which unintentionally look like the dad from Mary Poppins

Seeing Blondie at the Indigo2 and taking blurry phone pictures

Going on holiday and buying pretty fans and sticking out like a sore thumb

Going to the zoo and admiring the giraffes, laughing at gorillas through the glass, and posing for tourist-ey photos

Aaaaand... keeping busy rehearsing with a new line-up and booking gigs. Watch this space!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Save 6Music reason #568

Hi Heels,

So we haven't blogged in a while, but we of course were stupendously excited when we were played on BBC6 music by Tom Robinson a couple of weeks ago! His show in particular is really supportive of unsigned bands, so there you go: just one more reason why 6music should be saved...

Things are a little quiet at the moment while we look for a new drummer (yes, sadly it's farewell to Roland the Drum Machine) but for now, here are some pictures of a little impromptu shoot we did recently: Lucy was perfecting her Carmen Miranda ahead of a fancy dress wedding, and Tommy was... Well Tommy was just generally standing around being Tommy!


Thursday, 29 April 2010

Drag Your Heels: just don't run in them...

Hi(gh) heels,

(clever, huh? No? Alright then...)

Just a quick one to let you know what's been happening in our world... After a couple of gig cancellations recently (involving double booked venues, and a flooded flat - don't ask) we got to at least play one of our scheduled shows, which was at the Abbey in Kentish Town.

It was a really fun night with good people, rockabilly DJ's (who played a great set, including the first song me and Tommy ever found mutual ground on: Give Him A Great Big Kiss by the Shangri-Las, which has also been covered by New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders, hence Tommy's appreciation) and also a celeb spot in the form of Ed Westwick from Gossip Girl.

We've never actually watched the show, but an American teen-drama star spot (ok, well apparently he's from Stevenage, but still) always seems more exciting than seeing someone out of Hollyoaks or Skins for obvious reasons.

Phil from Hiroshamour had asked us to play the gig as part of a joint birthday do with his daughter Charlie, and their band Honeygene also played which was pretty cool. Lovely pure vocals, and a cover of Jolene thrown in at the end: what more could you possibly want?

Unfortunately a combination of a few too many ciders, and wearing ridiculously high platform heels meant that I did embarrass myself (as I often do) by running for the bus on the way home, completely misjudging my footing, and falling smack on my face. Fun.

It was one of those falls that happens in slow motion too: you know you're going, but you literally can't stop yourself. So I'm now sporting grazed knees not unlike a six year old's, but it's all good: Roland the Drum Machine fortunately didn't break, as I was carrying him in my 80s stripey briefcase.

Speaking of New York Dolls (which I did, earlier) we also managed to get down to their gig at Koko which was a-ma-zing. Will probably blog more about them at some point, but for now, here's one of the very few pictures that my rubbish camera managed not to blur.

Until next time,

♥ Lucy Loveheart ♥

Saturday, 10 April 2010



We're Drag Your Heels and this be our new blog. We'll be updating you on all our news, gigs etc. and may even share the odd anecdote on occasion.

Couple of pics below from our most recent gig at Barfly (taken by the lovely Nina from Altercation), and also a picture of a promo copy of our single 'Creatures' which we'll be releasing on iTunes in the summer. The thing that excites us most? An ink printed CD that hasn't just been written on! Yep, it's the simple pleasures in life.

Oh, and to the eagle-eyed amongst you - yes, that is a 5 pence piece in the background of the shot. We totally meant to get that in (?)

Be back soon! xx