Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Farewell, Roland

Hi(gh) heels,

Long time no blog - we've mostly been writing some new tracks, moving house(s), and getting a new line-up sorted. Yep, sadly Roland the drum machine passed away in a freak accident while on his way to collect his Christmas tree. To cut a long story short, he tripped up on some smarties scattered in the street which sent him colliding into a drum shop, where he was mistook for dodgy stock and promptly thrown into their recycling chute where he was crushed and compressed into scrap metal. It's thought that he'll resurface as a kettle*. It's a shame because he really did want that Christmas tree. Anyway, we've now got a human on drums; his name is Al and he loves smarties....

In other news, we've just done a session and interview with Shoreditch Radio, a new online station which will be live very soon. We'll keep you posted on when you'll be able to listen to us on the show.

With a lack of photo evidence of any of the above (a picture of a kettle would be slightly insensitive to Roland, may he rest in peace) we thought we'd share some silly phone app pictures we lovingly made - always a good way to pass the time on the tube...



Lucy as art. See how intently they stare.

Ah, yes, the time when Giselle wore nothing but polaroids of DYH. This made the front page of the Brazilian Weekly but sadly the British tabloids were too busy reporting about the twitter argument that Alan Sugar had with Kirstie Allsopp. It's not the first time Sugar's rained on our parade but we won't go into that**

DYH stamps. We can't think of a story for this one.

Nice one TFL

Dya take ss...sug.. no, it's too painful to mention the S word again

* Err yeah... that was clearly a lie... We just got bored of him
**Ok fine. If you must know, he turned down Roland at the last minute for junior Apprentice. Apparently there was an age dispute concerning Roland's date of manufacture and date of sale. Potato/Pot-arto Sugar, he was young enough at the time of entering, and you shattered his dream

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