Monday, 14 November 2011

DYH news and recent coverage

Really nice to be getting some loving on t'internet!

The Devil Has The Best Tuna included us in their music round-up the other week over here, and a rather suave and stylish Italian blog did a whole feature on us, with an interview plus a mixtape we put together for them. You can find the results of that over here.

We also did an interview for the Emerging Icons Chart Show for the Student Radio University Association, which streamed on Sunday. Unfortunately we got the time wrong and forgot to listen to it/post a link, but due to the wonders of modern technology the show will be available to download soon. We'll link it as soon as it's up on iTunes!

In other news, did we mention that we're playing Jubilee's NYE party at the one and only Barfly, supporting the one and only Carl Barat? Little bit excited for that one.

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